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SubjectRe: [OOPS] 2.5.27 - __free_pages_ok()
On 22 Jul 2002, Paul Larson wrote:

> Encountered this first with Linux-2.5.25+rmap and it looks like the
> problem also slipped into 2.5.27. The same machine boots fine with a
> vanilla 2.5.25 or 2.5.26, but gets this on boot with rmap. The machine
> is an 8-way PIII-700.

Bill Irwin has told me about a rare bug with exec() mapping
garbage into the address space of a process, which might
trigger this bug check the next time that process exec()s.

I've gotten two reports of this bug now, but have no idea
what particular combination of hardware / compiler / config
triggers the bug. The rmap code seems to have survived akpm's
stress tests so it's probably not a simple bug to track down ;/


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