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SubjectRe: read/recv sometimes returns EAGAIN instead of EINTR on SMP

> If one process tries to read non-blocking from a tcp socket (domain sockets work
> fine), and another process sends the reading process signals, then sometimes
> select() returns with the indication that the socket is readable,
> but the subsequent read returns EAGAIN - instead of EINTR which
> would have been the correct return code. This only happenes on SMP
> machines.
> I think EAGAIN is the correct return value. This behavior has been
> there since the stone ages of TCP and I remember Alan specifically
> auditing all of this stuff long ago wrt. POSIX compliance.

However, I suspect this is bug. At least this behavior is absolutely
unjustified and unintelligible. If socket has something to read,
we have no reasons to interrupt.

/* We need to check signals first, to get correct SIGURG
* handling. FIXME: Need to check this doesnt impact 1003.1g
* and move it down to the bottom of the loop

First, the first sentence contradicts to the second. The second is right,
the first sounds strange.

Second, I never understood what is the problem with SIGURG.
That's why it lives untouched.

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