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Subjectheavy Disk I/O and system stops reacting for seconds
Hi there,

I think someone else notices this too, but anyway, i write down my

I've tested 2.4.19rc[1|2|3], AC tree, AA tree, jam tree and mjc tree
All of them shows up the same behaviour. If i do some disk i/o, f.e.:

tar xzpf linux-2.4.18.tar.gz; rm -rf linux-2.4.18

the system stopps reacting while untar/ungzipping the file for more than 5
seconds. Nothing but the mouse reacts. This does NOT occur with 2.4.18 and
early 2.4.19-pre's ...

System is a Celeron 800MHz, 256 MB RAM, EIDE UDMA100 Intel BX440 running ext3

If you need more informations tell me what and I provide them.
If this is already fixed by someone, please tell me :-)

Please CC, i am not subscribed!

Kind regards
Marc-Christian Petersen

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