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    SubjectRe: 2.5.26 broken on headless boxes
    On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 02:29:39PM +0200, Tobias Rittweiler wrote:
    > >>EIP; c025a9d7 <find_next_offset+1f/28> <=====
    > >>ebx; c039e060 <llc_offset_table+60/f0>
    > >>edx; c02db5d4 <llc_reject_state_transitions+9c/d8>
    > >>ebp; c02dc85c <llc_conn_state_table+20/60>
    > >>esp; c11f3f98 <END_OF_CODE+e55c28/????>
    > Trace; c02589ac <mac_indicate+0/224>
    > Trace; c0105073 <init+2b/178>
    > Trace; c01056a4 <kernel_thread+28/38>

    This looks pretty ugly, you're probably going to have to find someone
    who's dealt with the LLC stack.

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