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SubjectRe: File Corruption in Kernel 2.4.18
Ville Herva wrote:
> I had enormous trouble with a KT133(A or not) based mobo (Abit-KT7(A)-RAID
> in past - it would just corrupt data when transferring big files from the
> additional ide controller (HPT370 in this case). The Via ide controller
> didn't show this behaviour.

I got a Abit-KT7-RAID with a AMD Thunderbird 800 and also have seen lots
of trouble. Finally I have figured out that reducing the memory bus
clock to 100MHz (instead of 133MHz) make my system pretty stable (My
memory modules can take 133MHz! I checked the specs.). Maybe that
chipset memory tweaks that the linux kernel does are not enough to fix
all memory problems...

> - Ditched the mobo fo good, bought an Abit ST6R, and never had a problem
> since. You may be lucky just switching the drive to Via ide.

Well, after messing around with the mobo for almost 2 years, it finally
seems to be stable. But I wish I could have done useful stuff with my
computer during that time.

> I repoduced the problem with wrchk utility I wrote
> ( but it seems you can do it with you directory
> tree copying.

I got to check this out!


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