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SubjectRe: spinlock assertion macros
On Wednesday 17 July 2002 04:22, Jesse Barnes wrote:
> files? Anyway, I've got spinlock and rwlock versions of them below,
> maybe they're useful enough to go in as a start? I only coded the
> ia64 version of rwlock_is_*_locked since it was easy--the i386
> versions were a little intimidating...
> I thought Oliver's suggestion for tracking the order of spinlock
> acquisition was good, hopefully someone will take a stab at it along
> with Dave's FUNCTION_SLEEPS() implementation.

I suppose you can simplify your interface when the code tracking the lock
holder (i.e. the address of the lock call) is there:

#define MUST_HOLD(lock) BUG_ON(!(lock)->holder)

is independent of whether lock is a spinlock or an rw_lock, so you
don't need MUST_HOLD_READ anymore. I'd even go as far as dropping
MUST_HOLD_WRITE as well, since it helps only in the corner case
where the lock is held but only for reading.

Arnd <><
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