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SubjectRe: kbd not functioning in 2.5.25-dj2
Alexander Hoogerhuis wrote:

> I mentioned this before, but I had major pains with the new input
> drivers for keyboards not working with the Comapq Armada M700's, and
> gave that up. Now I got a new Compaq N800c, which forced me onto 2.5.x
> because of some of the hardware (Intel ICH3 et al).
As I reported earlier (but appearantly unnoticed), on my Thinkpad A30p
(which uses the ICH3), keyboard and mouse don't work with the new input
layer when CONFIG_X86_UP_IOAPIC is on, but I have no problems (except
my USB mouse) when I switch that off.

> I only have two problems left is that I have a laptop with both a
> stick and a glidepad, and the psmouse driver only enables the pad, and
> not the stick. The other is that the rpm command segfaults for no
> apparent reason under 2.5.x (tried .23, 24., and .25 and -dj varieties
> of them). Same also happens with vim, second time it edits a file.

For me, the usb mouse stopped working with 2.5.25 in all configurations I
tried, the stick works without UP_IOAPIC. Unless the new input driver
is supposed to be a complete drop-in replacement for the old one, I still
assume that is a configuration error on my side.

>> On Sat, Jul 13, 2002 at 04:45:56AM -0400, Ed Sweetman wrote:

Yup, Ed has this one on as well. Alexander, what about your systems?

Arnd <><
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