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SubjectBUG: pdcraid OOPS due to uninitialized variable access
On both 2.4.18-6mdk (from 8.2) and in current cooker pdcraid oopses
immediately after insertion. The reason is usage of uninitialized
variable in drivers/ide/pdcraid.c:

static void __init probedisk(int devindex,int device, int raidlevel)
int i;
int major, minor;
struct promise_raid_conf *prom;
static unsigned char block[4096];
struct block_device *bdev;

if (devlist[devindex].device!=-1) /* already assigned to another
if (strcmp("Promise Technology, Inc.",prom->promise_id))
return; /* magic number must match */

here it bails out. prom is initialized later:

major = devlist[devindex].major;
minor = devlist[devindex].minor;

if (read_disk_sb(major,minor,(unsigned

prom = (struct promise_raid_conf*)&block[512];

I am sorry, I do not have vanilla kernel so I cannot check if bug is in
general kernel or Mandrake-specific.


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