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SubjectRe: IDE/ATAPI in 2.5
> A Pentium 1200 running Linux-2.5.25 (ext3) results in:
> # star -xp -time < rock.tar.bz2
> star: WARNING: Archive is bzip2 compressed, trying to use the -bz option.
> star: 10372 blocks + 1536 bytes (total of 106210816 bytes = 103721.50k).
> star: Total time 3190.483sec (32 kBytes/sec)
> 53:10.490r 12.299u 2970.099s 93% 0M 0+0k 0st 0+0io 4411pf+0w
> You see, during the 53:20, the machine is only 7% idle!

A Pentium 1200, eh?
More like Pentium 120 or star just doesn't cut it.


Athlon 1GHz:

kala@nibbler:/tmp/1$ time tar xjf rock.tar.bz2
real 3m19.703s
user 0m9.870s
sys 0m24.840s

According to top, the system was ~90% idle during the extraction.
Linux 2.4.19-rc1-ac3, reiserfs 3.6.


PS. Solaris is over 60% slower than Linux 2.2/2.4 in common fs
operations on my SMP SPARCstation 10.
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