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SubjectRe: IDE/ATAPI in 2.5
On Sat, 2002-07-13 at 07:36, wrote:
> > Because we can't tell Linux users "your (once favorite) CD-ROM is not
> > implemented in Linux (any more), and will never ever be". If we explicitly
> > exclude hardware, where do we end?!
> Like other mainstream operating systems :-)
> One thing that occurs to me, but that I don't necessarily think is a good idea,
> is that for a long time we had "old" IDE code and "new" IDE code in the kernel,
> and there is no reason why we couldn't do a similar thing, (I.E. have
> a "legacy devices will work" foo driver, and "legacy devices might

So we'd have a legacy driver called oh say 'ide-cd' and a current one
called 'ide-scsi'.

How does that change anything ?

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