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SubjectRe: IDE/ATAPI in 2.5
Użytkownik H. Peter Anvin napisał:
> Okay, I have suggested this before, and I haven't quite looked at this
> in detail, but I would again like to consider the following,
> especially given the changes in 2.5:
> Please consider deprecating or removing ide-floppy/ide-tape/ide-cdrom
> and treat all ATAPI devices as what they really are -- SCSI over IDE.
> It is a source of no ending confusion that a Linux system will not
> write CDs to an IDE CD-writer out of the box, for the simple reason
> that cdrecord needs access to the generic packet interface, which is
> only available in the nonstandard ide-scsi configuration.
> There really seems to be no decent reason to treat ATAPI devices as
> anything else. I understand the ide-* drivers contain some
> workarounds for specific devices, but those really should be moved to
> their respective SCSI drivers anyway -- after all, manufacturers
> readily slap IDE or SCSI interfaces on the same devices anyway.
> Note that this is specific to ATAPI devices. ATA hard drives are
> another matter entirely.

Right now the "votes" go like the following:

In favour of the scrap:

1. HPA.
2. Adam J. Richter.
3. Marcin Dalecki (basically due to give up on the idea
of gradual unification).


1. Bartłomiej Żołnierkiewcz.

I think we will need a vote from the "great decission maker".

So Linus what's your opinnion please?

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