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SubjectAdvice saught on math functions
Hi Folks:  What I am striving to do is build a software based speech
synthesizer into a linux driver. It is a greatly hacked version of
rsynth I call tuxtalk. My problem is that I have the code so far cut
down to about 66k without the shared library routines. When I
staticly build the object comes out to over 512k. Obviously this is
to large to want built-in to the kernel. The majority of the size is
from libm.a. There are five functions I need from the library, log(),
log10(), exp() cos() and sin().

My questions are:
Are these functions which are supplied by the FPU? I've looked
through the fpu emulation headers and exp() is the only one I can find
any reference to.

Is there a better method to provide these functions than to pull them
out of libm.a?

I appreciate any suggestions or recommendations people may have on
these questions.

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