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SubjectRe: bzip2 support against 2.4.18
Daniel Phillips wrote on Friday, July 12, 2002 10:52 AM:

> On Friday 12 July 2002 10:32, Christian Ludwig wrote:
> > To make it
> > at least a little bit easier there should be that 'bz2' in the name. So
> > 'bz2linux' would be a goal. But if we do this we also could change
> > to 'gzlinux'.
> You can feel pretty confident in thinking the name bzImage is never going
> to change, if only because too many fingers know how to type the stupid
> thing by reflex action.


> > On the other hand I also had the idea to let the name 'bzImage' be for
> > gzip and bzip2. The problem is that I can neither overload the name nor
> > choose the kernel compression at configuration time [I do not know how
> > make it at least].
> Now that you mention it, bzImage should continue to serve perfectly well,
> so long as you have some other way of configuring the kernel compression
> method than via the make target. Why not just make the compression method
> a config option? If it had been done this way from the beginning, we'd
> never have acquired the b or the z.
> This way you avoid the entire controversy of chosing a new name for the
> kernel image, and anyway, it's a nicer interface than via the make
> target.

That came into my mind, too. Let's see what I can do about it...
It won't probably be ready before August, because I still have some exams.

Have fun.

- Christian

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