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SubjectRe: spinlock assertion macros
On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 06:36:26PM -0700, wrote:
> The spin_assert_unlocked() macro in Jesse's patch doesn't cope with
> the fact that someone else might quite legitimately have the spinlock
> locked. You'd need debugging spinlocks that track the owner of the
> spinlock, and then check in MUST_NOT_HOLD() you'd check that
> lock->owner != current. You'd also have to have some special
> non-checking lock/unlock macros to handle situations where locks are
> taken in non-process context or released by someone other than the
> original locker (does the migration code still do that?).

You're right about that, it would be much more useful to add a
spin_assert_unlocked_all() or MUST_NOT_HOLD_ANY() macro, as Arnd
suggested. I'll take the suggestions I've received and try to put
together a more complete patch early next week. It'll include lock
checks for rwlocks, semaphores, and rwsems as well as the global
no-locks-held macro. And as an added bonus, I'll even try to test it

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