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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][RFT](2) minimal rmap for 2.5 - akpm tested
    On Thu, Jul 11 2002, Daniel Phillips wrote:
    > On Thursday 11 July 2002 08:47, Jens Axboe wrote:
    > > On Wed, Jul 10 2002, Daniel Phillips wrote:
    > > > ...I'd be testing right
    > > > now to see if you're right, if the DAC960 driver compiled successfully.
    > > > But it doesn't, and since my test machine won't boot without it... given a
    > > > choice between diving into the driver and going back to work on directory
    > > > hashing on 2.4...
    > >
    > > Leonard has promised me to convert DAC960 to the "new" pci dma api for
    > > years (or so it seems, actual date may vary, no purchase necessary). I
    > > do have a Mylex controller here myself these days, so it's not
    > > completely impossible that I may do it on a rainy day.
    > Well, tell me what the new api is and I'll dive in there. For the record,

    Documentation/DMA-mapping.txt. Also, DAC960 initial bio conversion
    happened before the interface was finalized, so it may need changes in
    that regard as well. Documentation/block/biodoc.txt is your friend there

    a quick make drivers/block/DAC960.o shows the following stuff needs
    changing immediately:

    1) q->queue_lock is a pointer to a lock, not the lock itself. Probably
    add a per-controller spinlock to DAC960_Controller_T, and pass that to
    blk_init_queue(). Then change DAC960_AcquireControllerLock and friends
    in DAC960.h accordingly.

    2) wrt DMA mapping, see DAC960_BA_WriteHardwareMailbox
    (Virtual_to_Bus64, anyone?)...

    And probably lots more will unearth once you start tackling it...

    > I wouldn't be surprised if some other little things have rotted as well.

    Heh, not at all :-)

    Jens Axboe

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