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SubjectRe: ISAPNP SB16 card with IDE interface
On Mon, 8 Jul 2002 wrote:

> Are you sure that the CD-ROM drive is jumpered correctly, because
> Windows may well not complain if it is set to 'slave', but alone on the
> bus.

I've heard this before, are there really recent kernel versions and ATA
controllers which care? I have a file server running that way now, when I
pulled the IDE disk and added SCSI nothing broke, so it seems to not
always fail.

> Also, maybe I'm just being stupid, but why is it being recognised as
> ide3? The numbering starts at 0, so if this is your third interface, it
> should be ide2. Could you post a less-trimmed copy of your dmesg output
> to the list, (or just to me, if it'll annoy the list people).

Good question, unless the controller is hard jumpered that way and it uses
the io address as a name. I'd like to see /proc/ide first, though.

bill davidsen <>
CTO, TMR Associates, Inc
Doing interesting things with little computers since 1979.

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