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    Subjectbzip2 support against 2.4.18

    I think it's time to have bzip2 support in the kernel. I know the discussion
    about the speed and memory issues that are around with this. But everything
    in this patch is optional. You may use these new features if you want, you
    do not have to use them...

    This is a testing version of the patch. Only apply this if you really want
    to play around with it a little bit. I know too less persons, who have the
    time/fancy to test it (including myself). If you find errors in it feel free
    to go on developing the patch yourself! Just CC a copy to me.
    This patch consists actually of two parts:

    1. A kernel bzip2 compression patch. The kernel will be compressed with
    bzip. Therefore you have to type "make bz2bzImage" at the prompt after the
    kernel configuration. This part is architecture dependent and was
    implemented only for i386 based PCs right now.

    2. A ramdisk bzip2 compression support patch. The ramdisk/initrd recongnises
    now bzip2 compressed ramdisk images, loads and decompresses them. You can
    choose between gzip and bzip2 (or even both) in the kernel configuration.

    These two parts cannot be split up, because both are using the same
    decompression code in "linux/lib/bzip2_inflate.c".

    I have adapted this kernel hack by Tom Oehser ( He wrote this
    for kernel 2.2 and I ported it to 2.4.18 and cleaned up the code.

    You will find the diff here:

    Known bugs:
    - gzip crc support was corrupted in file "rd.c", function
    [maybe it can be fixed, but time is money...]
    - too less testing time was invested

    Best regards,

    - Christian

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