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SubjectRe: If you want kbuild 2.5, tell Linus

On 6 Jun 2002, Kai Henningsen wrote:
> Frankly, I see *absolutely no way* how the current Kai-Linus "merge" can
> possibly end with something even remotely like Keith's kbuild2.5. Unless
> Linus changes his approach radically.

At least there are some trees which already include it. Maybe there will
be some more people using kbuild-2.5 in their trees within a few
weeks/monthes, and maybe one day - may not be today, may not be tomorrow -
but one day it will get into the common tree.

> If I were Keith, I'd be rather upset, too.

Anyway, he shouldn't be. There are lots of people appreciating his work,
and many of us are very grateful for it. So am I. It's going to be a long
way, but finally kbuild-2.4 can't stand while kbuild-2.5 (hopefully) goes
on. So we'll get it in by some time in the future.

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