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    SubjectRe: 2.5.20 tulip bogosities
    Patrick Mochel wrote:
    > On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Jeff Garzik wrote:
    >>Can you try an experiment for me?
    >>Run 2.5.19 with the 2.5.20 tulip. Just copy drivers/net/tulip/* from
    >>2.5.20 into 2.5.19.
    >>Nothing changed in 2.5.20 tulip that should cause that, AFAICS. So I
    >>want to narrow down the problem before looking further.
    > There was a bug in the PCI code that only passed the first device ID the
    > driver supported to the driver's probe callback. It caused a few other
    > oddities. A patch was posted to the list:
    > and is now in Linus' tree. It should fix the problem, if you get a chance
    > to test it...

    Just wanted to restate that this patch is still not enough to
    make my Xircom PCI CardBus card work properly (xircom_cb driver).

    Jun 7 12:49:24 dolphin cardmgr[597]: get dev info on socket 0 failed: Resource temporarily unavailable

    All LEDs on the card never light up at all.


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    even the hands of love"
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