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    Subjectkernel serial debugging question

    In the past, I have had to use the kernel serial debugger with the
    2.2.14 kernel.

    The steps I followed (if my notes are correct) were:

    - in "make menuconfig", within "<Kernel Hacking>", select "<Kernel
    support for GDB>"
    - pass the additional options "gdb gdbttyS=1 gdbbaud=115200" to loadlin
    - wait for the message "Waiting for connection from remote gdb on

    My question:

    Has any of this changed with the 2.4.x kernel? I'm currently playing
    with 2.4.19-pre9. Is there a "serial debugger" patch that has to be
    applied first, or is this support normally built-in?

    The reason I ask is because I don't see the option "Kernel support for
    GDB", which leads me to think that maybe this functionality actually
    came from a patch that was applied on top of 2.2.14.

    While I'm at it: is there a "better", or perhaps a "more popular"
    method of debugging the kernel?


    Stephane Charette

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