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Subject[new release] Affix-1_00pre3 --- The most powerfull Bluetooth Protocol Stack.
Hi All,

Find new Affix release Affix-1_00pre3 on
It has improved UART, USB and extra drivers.

Anycom, 3COM, Xircom works now.
Socket CF works

Version 1.0pre3 [06.06.2002]
- [fix] l2cap state machine
- [new] *btctl* now remembers found devices - device cache.
*btctl list* - to see the list
*btctl flush* - to forget it
*btctl connect <id> ...
actually id can be provided instead bda in every command.
- [new] any driver from BlueZ can be compiled in Affix.
Just include <affix/bluez.h> instead <net/bluetooth/*.h>
- [fix] work on kernels < 2.4.7
- [fix] Socket CF card works now perfectly.
(Socket changed device id to new one - it caused the problem)
- [new] Affix install pcmcia config file *.conf to /etc/pcmcia
so that they are read automaticaly - no needs to change
- [new] new features for *btctl open_uart*:
*btctl open_uart <device> <speed>
- [fix] Xircom card works now.
- [new] obex-server can work with different root-folders (AFE support)
- [new] btsdp starts automatically (SDPInit(SDP_SVC_PROVIDER)).
so btsdp starts when btsrv does.
- [new] *btctl* andestand mnemonics for dev classes and shows it.

Affix works on platforms (tested):
- i386.
- ARM (e.g. Compaq iPac).
- PowerPC (e.g. iMac).

Affix currently supports the following Bluetooth Profiles:
- General Access Profie
- Service Discovery Profile
- Serial Port Profile
- DialUp Networking Profile
- LAN Access Profile
- OBEX Object Push Profile
- OBEX File Transfer Profile
- PAN Profile

GUI environment A.F.E - Affix Frontend Environment available for use.

Link can be found on Affix WEB site in *Links* section.

br, Dmitry
Nokia Research
+358 50 4836365

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