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SubjectRe: [rfc] "laptop mode"
On Wed, Jun 05 2002, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> Le mer 05/06/2002 à 01:43, Andrew Morton a écrit :
> > Also, it has been suggested that the feature become more fully-fleshed,
> > to support desktops with one disk spun down, etc. It's not really
> > rocket science to do that - the `struct backing_dev_info' gives
> > a specific communication channel between the high-level VFS code and
> > the request queue. But that would require significantly more surgery
> > against the writeback code, so I'm fishing for requirements here. If
> > the current (simple) patch is sufficient then, well, it is sufficient.
> Have per-disk laptop-mode, so that some user-mode proggy (e.g. hotplug)
> could decide what to do.

And get rid of disk_spun_up(), make it a queue flag instead and signal
the spin up before calling the request_fn instead of shoving it inside
the driver request_fn's.

Jens Axboe

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