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SubjectRe: Devfs and driverfs

On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Simon Turvey wrote:

> I apologise if this is a trivial question but I was hoping someone could
> explain or point me in the direction of more info.
> I understand the purpose and reason for devfs but I cannot find any info on
> driverfs. What's it for?

There is some documentation in Documentation/filesystems/driverfs.txt. It
is a bit outdated, but the general purpose of it should be in there.

Basically, driverfs is a filesystem that maps onto the global device tree.
Each device found in the system gets a directory in driverfs. In this
directory, ascii-based files can be created that export device parameters
(kind of an ascii-based ioctl).

Files can be created by the bus the device resides on, by a driver that
binds to the device, or by the class the device registers with.

In addition to the global device tree, driverfs now exports a flat listing
of bus types in the system. Each bus type gets a directory, which it is
free to create interface files in. It also a has a devices directory and a
drivers directory. The former has symlinks for all the devices found on
that bus type that point to each device's directory in the physical
hierarchical layout. The drivers directory contains a directory for each
driver for that bus type. In those directories, drivers may create files
to export driver-specific parameters (that control the entire driver, not
an individual device).


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