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SubjectRe: 3c59x driver: card not responding after a while

> > That driver is solid for SMP. It's possible that the BP6
> > is losing its IRQ routing assignments, or the APIC is
> > getting stuck. We had extensive problems with that last
> > It seems to affect network cards most because they typically
> > generate the most interrupts.
> > Try booting the machine with the `noapic' option.
Even on an UP and no-MP-capable K6? IMHO this won't help (at least

> and myself) talked about my 3C905C-TX not willing to share an
> interrupt with my SBLive!...
> I've spotted the same problem, this time sharing an interrupt
> between my 3C905C-TX and an Intel i82559 10/100 ethernet
> controller (kernel is 2.4.19pre7).
I forgot to mention that there is only the 3c905 and a gfxcard (AGP) in
the box, no interrupts shared - I THOUGHT!
Then a quick lspci -v revealed both sharing IRQ 11. Will try to reassign

Thank you! :-)
Hope this is solved.
Ronny T. Lampert email:
System Administrator voice: +49 911 255 1214
Ericsson Eurolab Deutschland fax: +49 911 255 1960
Nuernberg, Germany
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