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SubjectRE: kernel 2.5.20 on alpha (RE: [patch] Re: kernel 2.5.18 on alpha)
Patrick Mochel wrote:
> [ I apologize for answering this so late, and being so tardy
> in releasing
> docs explaining all this. I'll be sending docs to the list soon... ]

Alright. This is OK. :o)

[ ... ]

> The short of it: 2.5.19 introduced a struct bus_type that
> describes each
> bus type in the system. It holds lists of all the devices and
> drivers that are found for that bus type.

I guessed so and already found this out. :o)

[ ... ]

> The arch/ objects are probably linked before the driver/
> objects on alpha, so the bus ends up being scanned before the
> bus type is registered.

Seems, that you're right!

> Can pcibios_init() be demoted to a device_initcall? This would delay
> probing until all the subsystems could be setup...

Yea, great idea, but I don't have the time at the moment to do this.
I hope anybody else will (please) do it!?


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