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    SubjectRE: [patch] i386 "General Options" - begone [take 2]
    On Wed, 2002-06-05 at 00:09, Grover, Andrew wrote:
    > All I can say is using just *part* of ACPI will cause some machine,
    > somewhere, to not work.

    We've established that pretty comprehensively. Any bit of ACPI causes
    some machines somewhere to not work 8)

    > I want to avoid scenarios where that happens. If
    > there are issues with that, can we discuss them asap, perhaps now?

    It may be that the IRQ routing and other bits of ACPI logic need to know
    that their are dependancies. We handle that already for other legacy
    stuff. If you don't have an MCA bus we don't do MCA bus enumerating. If
    you don't have a PCI BIOS32 irq router we don't consider that option and
    so forth. Having ACPI IRQ/Enumeration code that says if(!acpi) return
    NULL isnt that demanding

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