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SubjectRe: [patch 12/16] fix race between writeback and unlink
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> ...
> I'd still love to see a "fast and slightly stupid" allocator for both
> blocks and inodes, and have some infrastructure to do run-time defragging
> in the background.

I think runtime defrag could yield really good benefits. In
particular it would allow us to find_group_dir(), and always
put directories in the same blockgroup as their parent (big
speedups for the `untar-a-kernel-tree' workload).

There's a patch at
which provides a simple `relocate page' ioctl for ext3 files. It
relocates a page's blocks. The operation is fully journalled and
pagecache-coherent. So you can turn off the power in the middle
of a defrag operation and the fs will come back just fine. It doesn't
make any attempt to relocate inodes. If the page relocation attempt fails
then it just returns -EAGAIN and userspace gets to worry about what
to do.

I simply have not had the time to do anything about the userspace
program which drives that ioctl. So if there's anyone out there
who has a little time on their hands...

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