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    SubjectRe: do_mmap


    > While you are at it... fs/binfmt_elf does mmaps but does not check for errors.
    > And errors actually do happen there :-(

    ok, had a second look.
    it does check for errors, using BAD_ADDR which is: if (addr > TASK_SIZE)
    and TASK_SIZE on the other hand is PAGE_OFFSET == 0xC0000000 (for x86)

    hmm, which means even if we correctly map an area > PAGE_OFFSET, we will
    never free the area (well another question is, if we ever try to map
    an area > PAGE_OFFSET) - but nevertheless, the check should be before
    trying to mmap, and checking for IS_ERR after mmap.

    nyone explain what to do if we cannot map the page for MMAP_PAGE_ZERO?
    - we just ignore it for now ...

    also another instance: if (addr != req_address) - which means if we have
    some alignment with mmap - load_elf_library just bails out.
    guess we need to munmap also (if no error occured during mmap)

    do_brk() is _never_ checked for return (at least in binfm_elf) ... oh
    well ...

    any comments?


    in some way i do, and in some way i don't.

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