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SubjectRe: Link order madness :-(
Jean Tourrilhes <> said:


> The problem is *not* the networking initialisation (I wish
> people were *reading* my e-mails). The basic networking is initialised
> early enough. The various networking stacks could be initialised
> earlier, but I don't depend on them. Note that there might be a reason
> to initialise networking after the file system, so to do that we might
> need to insert a level between fs_initcall() and device_initcall().

If you insert enough levels, you are in another form of madness.

There should be a way of saying "This must be initialized after this, and
before that" (the "before that" might perhaps be taken care of by the
"that" itself). Spiced with a few "barriers": "Networking inited", etc.
>From there the build system should figure it out by itself. tsort(1) on an
appropiate bunch of descriptive one-liners (extracted from the sources?)
should give the right initialization order, or error out.

Yes, I know this has been proposed before and been thrown out (for no good
reason, AFAICS)
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