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SubjectRe: Link order madness :-(

On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Horst von Brand wrote:
> There should be a way of saying "This must be initialized after this, and
> before that" (the "before that" might perhaps be taken care of by the
> "that" itself). Spiced with a few "barriers": "Networking inited", etc.

Suggestion #1: make up an inittask table (bad idea, huge table) that gets
freed on end of init.

Suggestion #2: each big subsystem (net, scsi, pcmcia, etc.) gets a lock
that is engaged when starting, and is checked by the subsystems. The
subsystems' init won't take place unless the parent subsystem is up. At
end of init, these locks get freed.

Suggestion #3 (possibly the worst ever): let the subsubsystems be init'ed
by the subsystems, using #ifdef'd calls...

I must leave now, sorry.

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