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SubjectRe: If you want kbuild 2.5, tell Linus
Nicolas Pitre wrote:
> On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Keith Owens wrote:
>>I regret having to do this but Linus has left me with no other options.
> Keith: You're becoming even more stubborn and blinded than ESR was.
> Linus became interested in kbuild-2.5 when someone else than you decided to
> feed him with small patches, exactly what I told you a while ago and what
> you called a "stupid comment".
> Shame on you Keith.
> Resisting the widely known Linus procedure will lead you nowhere, whether it
> looks stupid or not to you.

Why are you posting that on a mailing list?
Is that the attitude: I knew it beforehand? I told you so?
Please: not yet another flame war.

And you and Daniel are right: kbuild seems already on its way
(with help of Kai).

So what?
Keith: keep up the good work (and better deal with Linus :), thank you

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