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SubjectRe: Loosing packets with Dlink DFE-580TX and SMC 9462TX
Benjamin LaHaise <> writes:

> What version of ns83820.c are you using? Version 0.17 of ns83820.c
> made significant improvements under load. Other possibilities include
> cabling problems (watch the kernel logs for changes in link state).
> Try to find out where the packets are getting dropped by looking
> through /proc/net/snmp and other statistics counters in the kernel.

0.17, but some more testing showed that the ns83820 actually works
just fine during this test when using just crossover cables and
running at gigabit speed. The original testing was done using
100Mbit hubs, so my guess would be that the 83820 chips (and/or
driver) doesn't handle collisions too well (which I don't have a
problem with, as afaik GE is always switched).

However the DFE-580TX problems remain regardless of using a hubbed
or switched network.

(As booth eepro100 and tulip-based cards works fine with the hubs
I'm quite certain there's nothing wrong with them.)

Marcus Sundberg <> | Firewalls with SIP & NAT
Firewall Developer, Ingate Systems AB |
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