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SubjectPATCH] linux-2.5.24 - LDM (Dynamic Disks)
Hi Linus,

[copy sent to Linus with inline patch]

Please can you apply the following patch to 2.5.24.

It's a complete rewrite of the LDM driver (support for Windows Dynamic
Disks). Below is a one line summary, a full description and the patch.

LDM Driver rewritten. More efficient. Much smaller memory footprint.

The old driver was little more than a stopgap.
The new driver is a complete rewrite
based on a much better understanding of the database
based on much more reverse engineering
more able to spot errors and inconsistancies
it has a much smaller memory footprint
no longer considered experimental
accompanied by brief info: Documentation/ldm.txt

Documentation/00-INDEX | 2
Documentation/ldm.txt | 102 ++
fs/partitions/ | 5
fs/partitions/ | 2
fs/partitions/ldm.c | 2220 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
fs/partitions/ldm.h | 206 ++--

FlatCap - Richard Russon

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