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SubjectRe: [FREEZE] 2.4.19-pre10 + Promise ATA100 tx2 ver 2.20
Fabio Massimo Di Nitto <> writes:

> Hi all,
> probably was already discussed (I hope not).
> I get a really bad freeze when there's heavy writing over the 2 x
> 120GB WD disks.
> reading seems to be ok.
> Since Im really not an expert in setting up IDE stuff the only things
> I can say is that
> there's no OOPS or error or nothing on the screen/log.
> The freeze is reproducible both with 2.4.19-pre10 and 2.4.18.
> In my config I have tryed with/without DMA/Promise special options and
> different combinations

Those have no effect in 2.4.19-pre10 and a few earlier pres; I don't
remember the exact number.

> of them with no results.
> I will be glad to offer more info and help if someone can kindly tell
> me how to debug
> this. If it's needed I can consider providing access to the machine.

Does the machine recover from the freeze or do you have to reboot?

Måns Rullgård
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