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Subjectipconfig problems

[I asked this recently on the linux-net list, but nobody answered. Perhaps
I have more luck here.]

is somebody on this list maintaining the ipconfig (bootp/dhcp) stuff? In
Documentation/nfsroot.txt should be a hint that for the "autoconf"
parameter of "ip=" there is also the possibility to use "dhcp". The
documentation differs from the sourcecode in net/ipv4/ipconfig.c here.

Reading the docs I thought that if you want to use DHCP you also have to
set "ip=bootp", but this goes terribly wrong. I have the impression that
there can be inconsistencies between the compile time- and runtime
configuration. For example, if you only enable dhcp in the kernel
configuration and put "ip=bootp" on the command line the
ip_auto_config_setup function seems to try to interpret the string as an IP
address, which results in ic_myaddr being set to something else than
INADDR_NONE. Afterwards in ic_bootp_recv this is recognized and the
received (correct) DHCPOFFER is silently droped, which is a pain in the ass
to debug ... :-)

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