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SubjectNew SCSI exc handlers: Returning cmnds?

converting the dc395x_trm (Tekram DC3x5 / TRM-S1040) to new exception
handling, I wonder what needs to be done with queued commands when
eh_abort_handler() or eh_bus_reset_handler() are called.

In the old abort handler, I was feeding the command back with DID_ABORT
and call scsi_done() on it, if successful.
In the old reset handler, I was feeding all commands (including the one that
was passed when _reset was called) that were sitting in the host adapter
driver's queue with DID_RESET back to midlayer by calling scsi_done() on

How should this handled in the new EH code?
Is the new EH code implicitly aborting the commands, so I don't have to
do it?
Is the ML prepared to have scsi_done() called when doing EH?
Or do I have to use some bottom half/tasklet ... type of mechanism?

Do I have to give the cmnds in queueing order, or does the ML take care
of the correct ordering?
is scarily ignorant on that subject.

Thanks for advice!
Kurt Garloff <> Eindhoven, NL
GPG key: See mail header, key servers Linux kernel development
SuSE Linux AG, Nuernberg, DE SCSI, Security
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