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SubjectRe: [patch] (resend) credentials for 2.5.23
>>>>> " " == Robert Love <> writes:

> CLONE_CRED. I suspect 90% of the cases retain the same
> credentials anyhow. Copy-on-write? :)


Making the credentials a monolithic block like you appear to be
doing just doesn't make sense. If you look at the way things like
fsuid/fsgid/groups[] are used, you will see that almost all those that
filesystems that care are making their own private copies.

It would be a lot more useful to split out fsuid/fsgid/groups[] as
per the *BSD ucred, and then allow filesystems to reference the
resulting struct instead (using COW semantics).

That way too, 'struct file' could finally contain a reference to a
full copy of the filesystem credentials, and we could get rid of
the 'struct file' crud in address_space_operations like readpage().


for my earlier attempt at doing this sort of thing...

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