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SubjectRe: [PROBLEM] sundance on d-link dfe-580tx
On Fri, 2002-06-21 at 06:27, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Matthew,
> This patch just arrived from D-Link. It includes fixes specifically for
> DFX-580TX. Does this fix your problem?

Yes and no,
This version didn't work (once I back-ported it to compile on 2.4.18,
which I suppose I may have not been designed to do), but I had already
got v1.02 to compile and work properly with no problems (on a previous

On a similar note, but not related to the original, has anyone used this
driver on 20 ports? I'll be looking into using the driver with 4/5 of
the dfe-580's and was wondering about scalability...?

Thanks anyway Jeff,
Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall -- --
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