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SubjectRe: OLS talk/BOF
On Fri, Jun 21, 2002 at 04:15:36PM -0700, Larry McVoy wrote:

> [ ] Cort and I could talk about the OS clustering stuff which has been
> discussed on the list recently. If there are a handful of people
> who want to talk about this, this would be my first choice. My
> goal is to make as many people as possible understand what it is
> that I mean, it's more subtle than it looks, Linus didn't understand
> for years that there was shared memory between the OS instances, which
> gives me a hint that maybe I've done a poor job of explaining things.

Always interesting, and if there's nothing clashing of more interest
to me, count me in.

> [ ] 6 months of kernel development in BitKeeper, what worked, what doesn't.
> I can do status, talk about what I know needs work, but I'm most
> interested in hearing users complaints. If the same things emerge
> over and over, that's a strong indication of what we need to fix.
> I'm also interested in hearing about whether is working
> well for you, we're thinking about adding another T1 line and I want
> to know if people want that or not.

Some crossover with my talk at OLS here. As we've until wednesday, if
this is the route you decide to take, let me know, and we'll compare
slides etc to make sure we're not repeating.. I'll also be happy to
help out here if need be.

> [ ] BK tutorial. Andrew indicated that there was a fair amount of interest
> in this.

Probably lots of crossover with Val Hensons talk, but probably still

> [ ] BitKeeper licensing, why it is the way it is. Richard Gooch had a private
> converation with me at the end of which he said "You need to go to OLS and
> tell people what you told me, the model makes a lot more sense after
> hearing that". I understand that the BK licensing model is not well
> loved but it might be less hated if you understood that it is a good
> faith attempt to make things work for everyone. I think that Richard's
> point was that that was a lot more clear after talking to me.

Again, probably a good talk but covered (in part) by my talk, and
possibly by Val's. I've no doubt that we'll all meet up between now and
Wednesday at some point, and have lots to discuss, and hopefully decide
on something that's mutually agreeable without repetition between the
various talks..

> [ ] No talk, just free beer. I'll buy :)

I'll vote twice for this one, in an attempt to swing the balance.


| Dave Jones.
| SuSE Labs
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