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Subject[ANNOUNCE] EVMS Release 1.1.0-pre3
The EVMS team is announcing the next development release of the Enterprise 
Volume Management System, which will eventually become EVMS 2.0. Package
1.1.0-pre3 is now available for download at the project web site:

As with the previous pre-releases, only the source tarball is available for
download. RPM files will be available when 1.1.0 is released.

Also, please use the appropriate level of caution when using this version!
There are several very new features which have not yet undergone extensive
testing! In other words, you probably shouldn't run this version on any
critical systems.

Please report any problems or bugs to the EVMS mailing list:

Highlights for version 1.1.0-pre3 include:
v1.1.0-pre3 - 6/21/02
- Command Line
- Support for plugin-specific tasks.
- Improvements to the query system.
- Text-Mode UI (ncurses)
- Display improvements.
- Filesystem Interface Modules (FSIMs)
- More endian-neutrality fixes for ReiserFS and Ext2/3.
- S390 Plugin
- Updated ioctl handling in kernel plugin.
- LVM Plugin
- Fixed a bug in kernel discovery that was causing strange interactions
with the MD plugin when using RAID-5 on top of LVM LVs.

v1.1.0-pre2 - 6/20/02
- Command Line
- Added readline support (patch from Matt Zimmerman)
- Snapshotting
- Improved performance in asynchronous mode.
- Bug fixes in writeable snapshots.
- Filesystem Interface Modules (FSIMs)
- Support for external logs in JFS.
- Endian-neutrality fixes for JFS and ReiserFS.

v1.1.0-pre1 - 6/7/02
- Engine Core
- Volume converting
- Automatically changing a compatibility volume to an EVMS volume, and
converting an EVMS volume to compatibility.
- Add-A-Feature
- Adding a new feature to an existing EVMS volume.
- Plug-in-specific tasks
- Currently used by RAID-1, RAID-5, and Snapshotting for certain actions.
- Progress Indicators
- Plug-ins can use this to indicate progress of long-running operations.
- Support for plug-in-specific tasks.
- Support for converting compatibility volumes to EVMS volumes.
- Support for adding a new feature to an existing EVMS volume.
- Support for progress indicators (used by plug-ins).
- Command Line
- Improved query system with new filters.
- Support for converting compatibility volumes to EVMS volumes.
- Support for adding a new feature to an existing EVMS volume.
- Filesystem Interface Modules (FSIMs)
- Four new FSIM plug-ins
- Ext2/Ext3
- ReiserFS
- Swap
- Snapshotting
- Rollback - can revert all changes saved to the snapshot back to the
original volume.
- Asynchronous - choice of using asynchronous Copy-On-Writes for better
performance, or synchronous COWs for better reliability.
- Software RAID
- Improved method for handling incomplete RAID objects.
- Improved I/O path.
- S/390 Segment Manager
- Added multi-path I/O support in kernel.
- Improved engine support.
- GPT Segment Manager
- New segment manager for IA-64, GUID-Partition-Table partitions.

Kevin Corry
Enterprise Volume Management System
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