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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Linux 2.5.23-ct1
After some time out of sight, I'm back now and here is my kernel.

It's basically some stuff + kbuild-2.5


2.5.24-ct1 coming soon

o [patch] 2.5.23 i2c updates 1/4
o [patch] 2.5.23 i2c updates 2/4
o [patch] 2.5.23 i2c updates 3/4
o [patch] 2.5.23 i2c updates 4/4

o 2.5.23: missing tqueue.h in cpia_pp.c

o small cleanup of ide parameter parsing

o Fix bug parsing option of isofs driver
o Reverse isofs unhide option to hide

o 2.5.23 tqueue patches

o (off 2.5.22) replacing __builtin_expect with unlikely in
o [Trivial Patch] : (2.5 latest) More __builtin_expect() cleanup in

o tcore for 2.5.23 kernel

o kbuild-2.5 other arches foreport

o Convert cm206 to a tasklet

o [TRIVIAL] beautify nr_free_pages()

Adam J. Richter <>:
o Patch: linux-2.5.23/Rules.make - enable modversions.h to build

Adrian Bunk <>:
o [2.5 patch] drivers/atm/idt77252.h needs linux/tqueue.h
o [2.5 patch] tqueue.h fixes for ISDN
o [2.5 patch] fix compilation of ad1848_lib.c

Andi Kleen <>:
o Export ioremap_nocache
o [NEW PATCH, testers needed] was Re: [PATCH] poll/select fast path

Andrew Morton <>:
o [Ext2-devel] Shrinking ext3 directories
o [Ext2-devel] Shrinking ext3 directories
o [Ext2-devel] Shrinking ext3 directories

Andrey Panin <>:
o [RFC] SGI VISWS support for 2.5

Andries E. Brouwer <>:
o [PATCHlet] 2.5.23 usb, ide

Anton Altaparmakov <>:
o [2.5-BK-PATCH] NTFS 2.0.9 update
o [2.5BK-PATCH] NTFS 2.0.10: Limit inodes to 2^32 - 1 <>:
o [redone PATCH 2.5.22] simple ide-tape/floppy.c cleanup

Benjamin LaHaise <>:
o [patch] export default_wake_function
o [patch] credentials for 2.5.23

Greg Kroah-Hartman <>:
o Re: 2.5.22 fix for pci_hotplug
o Re: [2.5 patch] drivers/hotplug/cpqphp.h must include tqueue.h
o Re: 2.5.22 fix for pci_hotplug

Ingo Molnar <>:
o [patch] migration thread & hotplug fixes, 2.5.23
o [patch] scheduler bits from 2.5.23-dj1

James Simmons <>:
o [UPDATES] fbdev ports and fixes

Keith Owens <>:
o kbuild-2.5 core 19
o kbuild-2.5 common 2.5.21
o kbuild-2.5 i386 2.5.21
o kbuild-2.5 s/390 2.5.21
o kbuild-2.5 s/390x 2.5.21

Linus Torvalds <>:
o Re: Linux 2.5.23 cpu_online_map undeclared

Martin Dalecki <>:
o Re: linux 2.5.23

Peter Chubb <>:
o ppp_generic.c doesn't compile on IA64

Robert Love <>:
o 2.5: mark variables as __initdata
o 2.5-dj: configurable NR_CPUS

Rusty Russell <>:
o Trivial rename bitmap_member -> DECLARE_BITMAP
o Fixed set_affinity/get_affinity syscalls

Stelian Pop <>:
o [PATCH 2.5] include <linux/tqueue.h> in pcmcia drivers

Stephen Rothwell <>:
o make kstack_depth_to_print and some APM stuff static
o ext2 statics
o ipv6 statics
o Consolidate include/asm/signal.h

Lightweight patch manager using pine. If you have any objections, tell me.

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