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SubjectRE: [PATCH] /proc/scsi/map
> From: Linus Torvalds [] 
> Bit if somehting is really _useful_ to export to user space
> through the fs
> model and it makes things easier, that's probably good. Naming is
> definitely one of those things - I generally like how the
> thing looks in a
> file managers tree-view, but some of the names suck and that
> shows up cery
> clearly at that point, liiking in at 10.000'.
> (Tha ACPI "shouting disease" is really sad. I remember my old
> VIC-20, and
> how you used all-caps, but I don't think the ACPI people were
> sentimental.
> They apparently just _like_ ugly four-letter ALL-CAPS names).

ACPI DEVC NAMS ARNT USED FOR MUCH. WE CAN <ahem> lowercase them in driverfs
and not hurt anything. The _HID entries under them are the more useful
thing, generally.


Regards -- Andy

PS I don't know about the caps but iirc 4 char names were to make names
small and fixed length. This theoretically resulted in easier compares by
casting to u32s, and a slightly simpler interpreter. (hah)
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