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SubjectRe: partition md raid?
On Wednesday June 19, wrote:
> Is this possible (w/o using lvm)

Yes, but you need a patch...
2.4.19-pre8 section
Improve locking of MD related structure, particularly when reconfiguring
Split raid requests that span chunks
Enable partitioning of MD devices
Define a static major number for mdp - partitioned md

These patches should make the first 16 devices partitionable.
Without patch-c-MdpMajor, a free major number is allocated (usually
254, but no guarantees) and you have to either:
- have a script which finds the number from /proc/devices and makes
all the /dev entries, or
- use devfs

With patch-c-MdpMajor, Major number "60" (LOCAL/EXPERIMENTAL USE) is
allocated for the partitioned md devices.

I use this in production. I have two system discs (sda and sdb, or
hda and hdc) which are mirrored together as whole devices, and then
this is partitioned:
mda1 == root
mda2 == swap
mda3 == other...

Getting lilo to cope was interesting, but it works.

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