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SubjectRE: The buggy APIC of the Abit BP6

Obviously, in my case, if I had known about the problems it would have
later, I wouldn't have bought it. But at the time, 2 433 Celerons were
cheaper than a Pentium III 600 system.

At least, with the additional fan I've added, and the "noapic" option, it is
pretty reliable. Up for weeks at a time before I reboot. Of course, when I
had my IBM hard drives on the HT366 board, it was more likely to crash from
a DMA error than the apic problems.

In fact, the last problems I had were SCSI related, fixed by adding a second
SCSI card for some external devices. Not motherboard related.

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Subject: Re: The buggy APIC of the Abit BP6
> I'm told getting a better PSU may help, though.
Unfortunately not. I got a nice PSU when I ordered the BP6,
thinking that power was the only issue. (It was the only
cheap dual solution at the time.)

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