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SubjectRe: [PATCH] /proc/scsi/map

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Kurt Garloff wrote:
> find attached a patch (against 2.5.23-dj2) to the SCSI subsystem which
> adds a file /proc/scsi/map, which provides a listing of SCSI devices,
> enumerated by the CBTU/HCIL tuple and the high-level devices attached to
> them.

I really despise this.


Can't you add the SCSI devices to the device tree, and be done with it?

It's just _wrong_ to have one file with a collection of devices in it, and
it is _doubly_ wrong when that one file

- is limited to a (arbitrary) subset of the disks in your system

- has completely bogus information about "location" that has nothing to
do with real life, yet pruports to be an "address" even though it
obviously isn't.

> +The format contains a variable number of columns, separated by a TAB '\t'
> +character.
> +
> +1st column: The Controller, Bus, Target, Unit (or call it Host, Channel, ID,
> + LUN) tuple that identifies a SCSI device. The numbers are all
> + in decimal format and separated by commas.

These "addresses" are not addresses at all. They have no bearing on where
the card is, will change if a host is added, yadda yadda.

All fixed at least to _some_ degree by giving the most complete address we
can, ie something like


And yes, the above is a _real_ example, that exists today: it's my SCSI
controller, and it's behind _two_ PCI bridges.

Is is also "scsi controller 0"? Yes. But that's a meaningless thing, and
should not matter.

Either you enumerate things without any structure (like the current SCSI
layer does: disk0, disk1, disk2 ...) or you give full their addresses.
Don't do the half-assed thing.

PLEASE don't add these kinds of SCSI-specific hacks, that are _useless_ to
find other types of disks, and that makes no sense, and will not work for
things like DAC960, for IDE, or for anything else that just ignores the
SCSI layer (even if it physically uses SCSI disks, like the DAC960 setup).


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