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SubjectRe: [PATCH] /proc/scsi/map
Użytkownik Linus Torvalds napisał:

> For example, to be useful, every driver that knows about disks should make
> sure they show up with some standard name (the old "disk" vs "disc" war
> ;), exactly so that you _should_ be able to do something like
> find /devices -name disk*

Not good. find /devices -name "/sd@* -- will be unambigious.
There are good reaons they do it like they do on the "other unix OS"...

> and be able to enumerate every disk in the whole system.

> /devices/disks/disk0 -> ../../pci0/00:02.0/02:1f.0/03:07.0/disk0
^^^^^^^^^^ You notice the redundancy in naming here :-).

> disk1 -> ../../pci0/00:02.3/usb_bus/001000/dev1
> the same way that Pat already planned to do the mappings for network
> devices in /devices/network/eth*.

Boah the chierachies are already deep enough. /devices/net/eth@XX
will cut it.

> Is this done? No. But is it fundamentally hard? Nope. Useful? You be the
> judge. Imagine yourself as a installer searching for disks. Or imagine
> yourself as a initrd program that runs at boot, setting up irq routings
> etc before the "real boot".

Yes but again the most content files found there are already inventing
interfaces on the heap. /name /irq /resources /power this will end the same
as similar attempts ended already - in a mess.

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