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SubjectRe: KBuild 2.5 Impressions
On Sun, Jun 02, 2002 at 04:38:33PM +0200, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> You mean, fixing the bugs you introduced by trying to add it piecemeal?
> How about breaking it up where it makes sense to do so, and not breaking
> it up where it's silly.
Can we agree that it makes sense to add features one-by-one when
they are independent?

If thats the case then it is a simple matter of looking through the
features already present in kbuild-2.5.
Then to compare those features with the work done by Kai.
If the feature is worth it and can be introduced without the core,
then introduce it in kbuild-2.4.
This will make this specific feature visible to many people, and
those who feel against it can speak up.

> If you have a specific suggestion about which part should be broken out,
> feel free to provide details.
I already gave a list of features that could be broken out. Do you request
more information than that?

I already submitted 4 patches digged out from kbuild-2.5, one of them
introducing a bug. The bug was present in kbuild-2.5!
This bug was easy to spot since the patch was selfcontained, but
within several thousands of kbuild-2.5 source lines it would have been missed
most probarly.

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