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SubjectRe: Linux 2.5.23 cpu_online_map undeclared
In article <>,
John Weber <> wrote:
>I am running on a UP system, so I don't believe that cpu_online_map
>should be declared. Any suggestions?

Actually, it _should_ be declared, it's just that on UP it should be
defined to the constant 1.

Somehow that #define got dropped by the hotplug-CPU stuff.

To fix, just add a

#define cpu_online_map 1

to the non-SMP parts of include/linus/smp.h. The patch looks something
like the appended (totally untested) thing.

Does that make UP happier?


--- 1.8/include/linux/smp.h Mon Jun 17 23:25:22 2002
+++ edited/include/linux/smp.h Tue Jun 18 22:30:47 2002
@@ -86,6 +86,7 @@
#define smp_call_function(func,info,retry,wait) ({ 0; })
static inline void smp_send_reschedule(int cpu) { }
static inline void smp_send_reschedule_all(void) { }
+#define cpu_online_map 1
#define cpu_online(cpu) 1
#define num_online_cpus() 1
#define __per_cpu_data
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