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SubjectRe: Question about sched_yield()

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Bill Davidsen wrote:

> [...] I'd like to see threads of a single process be able to get, use,
> and share a timeslice before some cpu hog comes in and get his
> timeslice.

there is no such concept as 'threads of a single process' in Linux, and
this is not just a naming difference. In Linux threads are threads, and
whether they share the same set of pagetables or not is secondary to the
kernel. (there are lots of other resources they might or might not share
between each other.)

the OS where processes 'own' threads, where the process is a container,
where this concept is pretty much the only meaningful multiprogramming
concept, and where the kernel API is separated into per-thread and
per-process parts is not called Linux.


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