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SubjectRe: Drivers, Hardware, and their relationship to Bagels.
At 11:35 AM 6/18/2002 -0700, Myrddin Ambrosius wrote:
>The problem with priviliged tasks is that (in general)
>they run with absolute privilige. Sure, some of these
>priviliges can be turned off, but if /dev/mem is
>reachable, then they can be turned back on again,
>precicely for the reasons you give.

What about the bagels? I like bagels! ;)

I agree that this is a problem. A very, very good example of this is 'binding to a reserved port (<1024)'. A number of programs that should never need to run as root, do, some for the sole purpose of binding to a "reserved port":
* Webservers in a relatively simple configuration (ex: my Apache install)
* BIND (which doesn't even drop root. A security nightmare.)
* identd

There are kernel patches that can help solve this problem. One, found at, creates 'magic' GIDs that give special limited privileges like binding to a reserved port (above list) or creating a raw socket (ping, traceroute).

If I recall the Capabilities FAQ correctly, I think there's something relating to PAM that might let you give partial capabilities to certain users who login (like CAP_SYS_TIME to your normal desktop login, so you can set the clock without using 'su'). It would be nice to be able to (relatively easily) create certain uids/gids (or names) that get special privileges automatically... then certain apps (like ping, traceroute) could be setuid something-less-powerful-than-root. I think that'd be an interesting project to work on when I'm bored... anybody on this list think it's worthy of discussion (or not worthy -- arguing is fun, it makes for more active threads!) ?

Just remember -- we need root/uid0/whatever, because in the end, the computers are here to serve US, to do OUR bidding. And using root is what I like to term an 'executive override' -- it cuts through all the protections and guards that the kernel has, and makes the computer do what we say. That's why we don't protect root from itself.


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